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Best Android Smartphones 2015

android2015 has certainly been a great year for Android Smartphones. There is some incredible choice across many price points. And there is no question solid devices can be had for less than $300 out of contract. In some cases, much less than $300. I thought I would re-cap and count down to what in my humble opinion are the best of the best for 2015. Before we go there however, just a few overall observations. In general, your hard earned money goes much farther in 2015 than it did in 2014. Cameras have improved across all Android Devices this year. Quality Variety in a Smartphone is at an all time high for sure!

My list of Essential Apps and nice to have apps

Nexus6PI guess it's that time of year when the majority of Tech Journalists attempt to tell you the "Apps you have to have" blah, blah. In fact I just got through reading one that was assuming I got a new Android smartphone for Christmas and listed 25 essential apps that I just had to have.  I'm pretty sure the author has never used a smartphone. Example, Ninja Jamm is a very cool app. But it's only going to appeal to a small part of the population. Nothing "Essential" about it. And "Essential" like art, can be open to one's perspective and interpretation.  One more vent, then I'll get on with my lists.  I use an app called Joooid. It allows me from my Android Devices to easily post to this and other websites I manage that are built on the Joomla Content Management web platform. If you don't build web sites, or you do, but use another platform, Joooid is not going to be an essential app to you. It's essential to me, but not broadly essential. After laughing my way through a very poorly written article, I decided I could do better! But I would like to break my list into two parts. My Essential apps. . . that is, the apps I think everyone should install and use on an Android device. And then the apps that I personally use daily, that should have a broad appeal.

Now, on to my ESSENTIAL LIST

My 2015 year in review - lots of photos

familyphotoThe bottom line: it's been a good year for the Carico family. Facebook makes an attempt of it, as well as Google, but I thought I would do my own.   Highlights: We got a new Pup, I've had fun with a selfie stick, my attempt to build Android wear watchfaces, Easter, all my Tech and coffee friends, Goldwing rides, time with family and good friends,  got one married off, visited some interesting places, and stand humbled by God's many blessings.  Click the "more" button for the video. 

Google Cardboard is good cheap fun

cardboard3rAbout a week ago, a good friend alerted me to the fact that Google was giving away Star Wars themed Cardboard virtual reality goggles. Yesterday, R2-D2 googles arrived and the family and I have been having a ball. The same friend suggested that we try "Cosmic Roller Coaster".  What a trip!  I thought I would try to record my screen to demo a little bit of what the experience might be like. Of course, you don't get the 3D effect, but you can at least see what it might be like to look through Cardboard. I'm already convinced this is a thing and will probably start shopping for a Cardboard VR that isn't made out of paper very soon. Click the "More"button for some video.

Plume is a great Android Twitter App

Screenshot 2014-12-30-09-25-31I've tried too many Twitter apps for the Android Platform. Tweetcaster, UberSocial, Seesmic, Carbon, and believe me, I could go on. Fenix would get my nod for the nicest to look at. But the one I keep coming back to is Plume.  It just seems to get the job done, and has all the features one needs to make it happen. It's highly customizable, and very versatile.  If you use Tweetdeck from a Desktop, then you will find many simularities between that and Plume. 

Below is a short video demo I put together to show you how it looks and feels.

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