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A Parking Idiot

I was going to lunch and got to my truck to find another truck trying to snuggle. The Nissan was so close I couldn't climb in mine without denting/scratching the Nissan. Yes, I was angry! So I  headed back to the office with a tag number. It was moved to the left about 4 feet when I was leaving this afternoon.

Happy 10th Birthday Twitter

twitterTwitter turned 10 years old today. I've been tweeting almost the whole time. (June of 06, is when I joined) I've seen so many user driven changes.The @reply, the 
‪#‎hashtag‬ or RT hadn't even become the norm of the service. 
I enjoyed reading all the history posts from tech sites and the pondering of where the service is heading. It continues to outpace National News Organizations and it is very powerful for celebrities to communicate with fans. BUT it still hasn't figured out a sure fire way to be profitable. This is one service however, that really has grown because of the user base and not because the powers that be have built this great tool. I don't know where Twitter will be 10 years from now. But I'm betting that someone will figure out how to make something as simple as a 140 character text message profitable. Twitter has proven that such a service is a very powerful tool indeed.

Weekday Mornings

Every weekday it's the same. My best friend climbs up on the couch as I get ready for work. She snores as I bounce from room to room to head out the door. Barely aware that I am leaving, she manages enough strength to raise her head enough to acknowledge that I have to go and she doesn't.

Ha! This was a High School project

Way back in the 1976-77 school year, in TV Broadcasting we came up with a project to utilize our brand new "Mini" cam. Back then portable video recorders were three feet long!  This was a fun project and from time to time, I watch it and smile. It was uploaded in two parts. 

Best Android Smartphones 2015

android2015 has certainly been a great year for Android Smartphones. There is some incredible choice across many price points. And there is no question solid devices can be had for less than $300 out of contract. In some cases, much less than $300. I thought I would re-cap and count down to what in my humble opinion are the best of the best for 2015. Before we go there however, just a few overall observations. In general, your hard earned money goes much farther in 2015 than it did in 2014. Cameras have improved across all Android Devices this year. Quality Variety in a Smartphone is at an all time high for sure!

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