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Tech and Coffee I am an Avid G+ user!  I hangout most weekdays evenings in a room called Tech and Coffee. Click on the Cup to go directly to the Hangout.  


Wayfare - modern day mobile Penpaling

WayfareThrough the myriad of Apps available for mobile devices these days, when I find one that is truly unique, I like to share it here. And last week I discovered such an app. It's called Wayfare. About the best way I know how to describe it, is that its penpaling for mobile. You get to meet people but there are safegards built in to make it almost impossible to "Hook up" as in apps such as Tinder. Wayfare is all about exploring other countries, people and cultures.

There is no working website available from your PC. All interaction takes place from your Android or iOS based devices. When you first sign up, you are given the opportunity to share minimal information such as your first name, country, Gender and birth year.  Once that is complete, you "embark" on a journey to another country. This can be random, or you can choose from over 113 countries. It doesn't give you the ability to pick the gender of your guide. But interestingly, all the guides I have received so far have been female.

Asus Zenwatch Review

asus-zenwatch-1-SmallAfter questioning the usefulness of smartwatches on Android Journal for weeks now, I actually took the plunge and purchased one.

Which one you ask?  The Asus Zenwatch. Why this one vs the Motorola or LG round?  Price was certainly a consideration as it could be as much as $100 cheaper. And even though it is a square watch, it is actually attractive with the nicest band (in this guy's opinion) of the bunch. This won't be an indepth review. Only my opinions on what it's been like to use this device for a week.If you need more, believe me, there are a multitude of long reviews out there. 

Plume is my Twitter app of choice

Screenshot 2014-12-30-09-27-01I've tried too many Twitter apps for the Android Platform. Tweetcaster, UberSocial, Seesmic, Carbon, and believe me, I could go on. Fenix would get my nod for the nicest to look at. But the one I keep coming back to is Plume.  It just seems to get the job done, and has all the features one needs to make it happen.  

- Colorize your timeline/friends from Twitter
- Multiple twitter accounts support
- Scrollable widgets to display your twitter timeline on your home
- Lockscreen widget (Android 4.2+)
- Mute twitter users, word or applications
- Facebook timeline & posting
- Live Streaming in app
- Picture preview in timeline, large view of images with pinch to zoom
- Twitter geotagging
- Swipe scrolling
- Very customizable
- Internal browser
- Autocomplete twitter hashtags and username
- Share photo with Twitter, Twitpic, YFrog, Mobypicture,
- support for your URLs
- Inline twitter conversation
- Display replies to a tweet
- Display twitter profiles
- Pull to refresh
- and MORE! ;-)

How to access the Lollipop Easter Egg Flapping Bird Clone

Flappy Bird BotThe folks at Google embedded an easter egg in the Lollipop build. Go to Settings/about phone/Android Version. Press it 3-4 times in succession and it will launch a Lollipop. Short pressing the Lollipop changes it's color. Long pressing brings you to that little green bot that you try to navigate through all those sticky suckers. Good luck!

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