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How to turn off Facebook Game Notifications

fb iconI hate facebook games!  And I hate friends who send me facebook game notifications almost as bad.  Here is a step by step on how to turn off this unwanted Nuisance. (NOTE: I am using Android 7.0 and the Facebook html version for this demo. The app might be different.

Testing an HP Chromebook for work

hpchromebookI work for a large Chemical company. Since the early 90's, we have been a Windows using company. We've "Partnered" with Microsoft and, in a nutshell, only use Windows products. Yes, there are some exceptions, but basically if it is made by or approved by Microsoft, I have access to it. Otherwise, fill out the form of what it is, and why you need it, and we'll start a testing process, and get back to you in about six months. Actually, I was shocked about a year ago when I got a note explaining that the company had decided to allow us to install the Chrome browser on our work machines. I was so happy that day. But I've learned that as much as I love Chrome, it just doesn't work in SharePoint. And this is a Microsoft product that I live in about 7 hours per day!

What's on my Android?

nexus6p1Last week I did A complete list of everything I was running on my Nexus 6P.  But I figured that didn't tell the whole story. I start with Nova Launcher, add Futuricons, and Watchmaker wallpaper.  Then I group apps to leave me with a clean, simple interface. 

My Apps on my Nexus as of June 2016

android-appsI was cleaning out my Google Drive files and came across an app listing from 2012. I was amazed at how many apps that I no longer used, however, back then, I thought they were awesome. 

I decided it was once again time to generate a list of all the apps I'm using on my phone. . . . And while several are residing on my phone, they are actually there to sync with my Android Wear Watch. 

So without further adu, here is a list of the apps I am currently running.

How to stalk someone in Google Plus

pluslocationIn Google Plus, within the mobile app, is a "Locations" feature. If you share your location with others, they can see where you are at in almost real time. And plus can also launch Google Maps so that you can navigate to their location. Below is a short video showing how to set it up to ensure you only share what you want to when it comes to your whereabouts. 




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