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Tech and Coffee I am an Avid G+ user!  I hangout most weekdays evenings in a room called Tech and Coffee. Click on the Cup to go directly to the Hangout.  


Loving my new Chromebook

 I've now owned the Acer C-720 for just over a month. I can honestly say I am very impressed with the performance of this device. The i3 processor is certainly a noticeable improvement compared to the Samsung 3 series I previously owned. Being familiar with Chrome OS, I can say I experienced no surprises. But I will offer this. If you like Chrome OS, springing for the i3 with 4 gigs of RAM should be an easy decision. But if you still aren't sure about it, I'm going to recommend you go with one of the less expensive Haswel models to start with. These have plenty of horsepower for the Chrome Operating system. But if you've experienced the lag of the early ARM based systems, you, like me will appreciate the horsepower that the I3 offers. 


Fasttech Sucks - I'm through with them.

ftsWhen I first started vaping, I was amazed to see the prices on Fasttech. In some cases, prices were 60-70% less than sellers on ebay. Yes, there were clones, and stuff that was not the real thing, but very well made copies. As time went on, I decided to give Fasttech a try. My first order was for a Sentinel M16 Mechanical Mod and a Patriot Style Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, along with a few smaller items. This transaction went without a hic-up. In fact, the total time it took to deliver this package from the East to my door, only took about 13 days!  Not bad, if you ask me.  But in hindsight, it probably set an expectation that the second order had to live up to, and this has me very frustrated.

Acer C720 I3 at 12 hours in

My first 12 hours with the Acer C720 I3 with 4 gigs of RAM have been . . . Great Fun!  Coming from a Series 3 Samsung Chromebook, this thing feels like a Ferrari!  And just for kicks, I opened up 30 tabs to see if I could get the system to lag. NOPE!  12 would have brought the Samsung to a crawl.  The machine was less than 10 minutes old when I installed Crouton LInux. Screen Shot below. I've spent the majority of my time tweaking here. Although I can run a hangout, I am having some soundcard issues on the Crouton side of life. +Bruce Turner has provided a few tutorials to address. I've tried some of suggested fixes, but still a no go. 
Acer C720 Desktop

The Acer looks better in real life than it does in pictures. But it still doesn't look as sleek or nice as the Samsung.  One other disappointment. . . . It's a little too snug to fit into my Solo Storm Bag. I can make it go, but  I have to work at it.  This was my perfect solution for the Samsung.  If you have any bag solutions for this Chromebook, please share them. Fit and finish are fine. The speakers are quite a bit louder than the Samsung and are more than adequate. I'll still continue to use my Bluetooth headsets when using in public places, but for home, I'm very pleased so far with the speakers. 

Last night, I caught myself smiling when I noticed that my battery life was 60% and it said that meant that I had 5 hours and 43 minutes left. I haven't owned this long enough to get a feel for the battery but it's looking promising. 

This display leaves a little to be desired. Compared to the Samsung, it is better!  But I'm still looking for an affordable Chromebook with a high quality, high resolution display. I've found the keyboard to be very adequate and easy to type on. And the track pad rocks! At least as good as the Samsung and it is one of the best track pads I have owned on any computer. 

So is this machine worth almost double that of the C720 with the Celeron? I'm not ready to say that . . . .   But one thing my Jury has already determined is that the I3, and extra RAM do make a real world difference. If you aren't going to do much on the Crouton side of life, the Celeron version will probably be just fine . . . But if you can afford it, you can never go wrong with bigger/more, right??


Hanging with family.

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  • Fasttech Sucks - I'm through with them.

    Duke 31.08.2014 18:21
    Glad to hear your order finally showed Jeff.
  • Fasttech Sucks - I'm through with them.

    Jeff Willard 31.08.2014 16:50
    I love fasttech and always order from them. as you I had the same problem when I ordered batteries ...
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    Ben Lloyd 01.01.2014 20:50
    Some good points here Duke that reveal a major flaw with the Scroogled campaign - people really don't ...
  • Scroogled is working! For Google

    Mark 01.01.2014 16:51
    I have recommended Chromebooks to others depending on the type of use they typically need. For many ...
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    Tom Webster 21.12.2013 13:33
    I agree 100% Duke.. I read a very lengthy article yesterday that explained why,what the Bible said ...

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